This Week’s Top NFT Games and Collections: March 11

This Week’s Top NFT Games and Collections: March 11

Without a doubt, it has been a difficult week for the crypto space in general. And it’s not just the collapse of SVB. Rumors and news of suffocating lawsuits and regulations have pervaded the space, leaving many wondering where the future of blockchain technology might be headed!

This week saw another major banking meltdown. And while it’s not as directly related to cryptocurrencies as FTX, ripples of panic have spread throughout the financial space. Like the FTX fiasco, developers are now forced to specifically state that they had no direct association with Silicon Valley Bank.

And although the crypto markets are rocked by the latest news, as usual, development continues. Champions Ascension, in particular, is maintaining its steady pace of updates with a new 3v3 arena team battle mode. also continues its construction by offering a new game mode called Snipe the Streamer. And Continuum World is finally launching its free First Explorers event.

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Read on for the most active Web3 games and NFT projects of the week. And be sure to keep an eye on our website and Twitter Feed for the latest developments in the web3 gaming space!

Top play to win active user games

Source: DappRadar

All in all, a good week for blockchain gaming. Mostly positive trends for the top 10 games, with a new entry this week from a game called Hunters On-Chain.

Hunters On-Chain was originally a web2 game that decided to try and take advantage of the opportunities offered by web3 technology. Their launch in the web3 space includes a tournament that seems to attract a large number of players.

Top 10 NFT Collections per volume traded

CollectionVolume traded 7 daysvolume change
1. Bored Monkey Yacht Club$24.63 million-24.29%
2. Mutant Ape Yacht Club$24.4 million-52.71%
3. Lunar Birds$22.47 million-19.47%
4. Otherdeed para Otherside$21.07 million+0.01%
5. Cryptopunks$19.1 million+533.34%
6. Azuki$17.53 million-43.7%
7. Gitcoin giveaways$16.24 million(NEW)
8. Clone X$13.21 million-35.02%
9. MG Land$13.11 million-37.65%
10. Owls$10.82 million(NEW)

Source: DappRadar

Another week of declining sales volume for major NFT projects. And while they still hold three of the top four spots, the Bored Ape franchise is giving up its complete dominance of the charts, making way for new projects like Gitcoin Presents and Owls.

Gitcoin Presents is an NFT collection launched earlier in the month that is associated with Vitalik Buterin, where a large portion of the profits are donated to Gitcoin.

Meanwhile, Owls is a collection of ASCII-style images of owls that was just released with a free mint. The retro style of the collection has already spawned a number of imitators and seems to have caught the attention of the NFT community at large.

Tune in next week to see if these new projects can maintain their buzz and popularity!

The best advertisements of the week

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