After a success start-up campaign and after several years of Early Access finally comes the official release of Eternal Space 2. It is a Naval and Space Exploration video game with RPG elements for Single player. It has touches of RPG and open world explore.

With EVERSPACE 2, the player takes the place of the pilot Adam, a clone in search of fortune trying to buy his freedom and flee the conflict of the demilitarized zone of cluster 34. What does the player find in this space odyssey? Dog-headed battles and wild challenges to get the next drop. A thrill awaits sci-fi adventure Set in war-torn star systems with vast areas filled with secrets, puzzles, and danger. In this universe, risk lurks Around Every Corner: Pilots will fight their way through the confines of improving space and building equipment, or looting.

Besides 5 extended star systems which have already been introduced in Early Access, space fans will finally be able to explore Khione, the sixth star system from EVERSPACE 2. More news? A final campaign episode with large-scale space battles full of epic cinematic moments and a head-to-head fight with a final boss that takes gaming to another level. Space pilots will experience new Tier 4 starships, gameplay dynamics, secondary content in the new star system, and epic drops of select Ancient Rifts side quests and endgame activities. But there is more ! Version 1.0 brings numerous quality of life improvements, dedicated gear swapping features, more ship customization options, new player perks, and a Nightmare difficulty that unlocks after completing the campaign at any level.

“I am extremely proud of the ROCKFISH team. The horns have been left on for all these years and it shows. The controls are super responsive and the combat design is excellent; the RPG dynamics are deep and the story is engaging; orbital and planetary zones and huge underground complexes are crafted with great care – you can tell this is a video game that was created with passion and dedication,” says Michael Schade, CEO of ROCKFISH Games. “It’s no exaggeration to say that EVERSPACE 2 was by far the most ambitious project undertaken by a member of this team. The best? That’s just beginning. We have many other stories to tell in the EVERSPACE universe. But now we have to focus on the final chapter and the definitive experience that EVERSPACE 2 presents.

After six content updates A beast in over two years of early access development, EVERSPACE 2 launches with an intense 30-hour single-player campaign, plus many more hours of side quests, quests, SOS, challenges, puzzles, and more. Moreover. In total, the game features over four hours of dialogue and two hours of cutscenes and cinematics in English and German. What else? the game is translated into three languages: English, Portuguese, Czech, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Simplified and Traditional Chinese and Spanish.

In the PC version, EVERSPACE 2 is powered by Windows and Steam Deck. Post-launch, implementation on Linux and MacOS and further optimization for Steam Deck are planned. As the team continues to work on improving performance on Linux, fans can enjoy EVERSPACE 2 through Proton. The release for next-gen Xbox and PlayStation consoles is slated for summer 2023. The digital soundtrack and artbook will be released later this year.

But the path that the ROCKFISH Games studio has prepared for EVERSPACE 2 does not end there. Besides the console version, in 2023 an important one will come out free update with more features, more ship customization options and voice acting in more languages. The ROCKFISH Games team has already started developing the game’s first major paid expansion that will continue the EVERSPACE 2 adventure with a new story and brand new gameplay features. But we will have to wait until mid-2024.

Main features of EVERSPACE 2:

  • Over 30 hours of gameplay in the main campaign, in English and German
  • More than 90 hours of exploration in total, with side quests, puzzles, secrets and challenges ● 6 semi-open star systems to explore
  • More than 100 unique areas hand made
  • 9 ship subtypes Tier 4, each with their own perks and superior abilities ● 7 distinct factions, each with several distinct enemy ships and defensive units with their own abilities
  • 7 companions that can be integrated into the missioneach with its adjustable perks
  • Nail brutal variety of customization options for every ship and unlockable transmogrifications ● Collectible blueprints that unlock build and disassemble options ● Hundreds of weapon and equipment types
  • Ancient Rifts endgame content allowing players to take on increasingly difficult waves of enemies and unlock legendary weapons and gear, each with unique properties
  • A wide variety of assignments that unlock valuable reputation bonuses ● Fully customizable HOTAS/HOSAS controller support

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