Behavior Interactive gave us a preview of how the soon-to-be-released Meet Your Maker game will be packed with additional content in its first three months. Although it will only come to PC, PlayStation and Xbox consoles on April 4the game will receive a series of new free updates in April and May, and then expand with a “major content update” in June.

As you can see from the roadmap below, Meet Your Maker will receive the Hellscape Deco Pack for free on April 18before regular updates that will bring new mods and improvements (may even change the behavior of a trap/guard) until June, each of them unlockable with playtime.

In June, the big addition Sector 1: Dreadshore will bring a new environment pack that will be instantly free for all players, as well as a new guardian, weapon, trap, guard and more, each unlockable over time. game or instantly via direct purchase. The new collection of accessories that will be part of this episode will be paid.

In addition, during these three months, bugs will be fixed, the game will be balanced and the ranking system will be updated or reset.

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