The Last of Us Workbench Tool Locations – Game News

The Last of Us Workbench Tool Locations – Game News

if you are looking The Last of Us Workshop Tool Locations, we have all the information you need. Workbench tools are collectibles that allow you to upgrade your weapons – each tool you collect increases your tool level, providing enhanced upgrades while you’re at a workbench.

You’ll need to collect all five The Last of Us Workbench tools to access each upgrade, which can include increased rate of fire, extra clips in the magazine, improved draw times, increased spread, and more. Additionally, once all five tools are in your inventory, you’ll also get the “Sharpest Tool in Shed” achievement. Here are all the The Last of Us workbench tool locations to help you fully level the workbench and unlock all weapon upgrades.

The Last of Us Workshop Tool Locations

Occasionally on your travels, when you’re not hanging around clickers or dodging psycho shepherds, you’ll come across nondescript red toolboxes. Inside these toolboxes are workbench tools and while they may not seem important, these tools are essential to your survival in The Last of Us. Here is the location of the five workbench tools :

First Workbench Tool: Bill’s Town – Graveyard

At the start of this section of this chapter, Bill will ask you to watch while he makes a nailbomb. Head to a corner directly across from it and open the red toolbox on the shelf.

The last US Workbench tool locations: a dark room, with a young man and woman looking for supplies.

Second Workshop Tool: Pittsburgh – Alone and Abandoned

At the start of this chapter, Joel and Ellie will be attacked by a group of bandits. After taking them out, Ellie will walk to a blind that can be opened. Inside, you’ll find yourself in a garage that has dead bodies on the tiles. The Toolbox is to your left near the first Smoke Bomb you can pick up.

Last Workbench tool locations in the United States: a man shines his flashlight in a dark corner of a store.

Third Bench Tool: The Suburbs – Sewers

Continue further in this chapter until you reach a large chamber filled with water. Ellie, Henry and Sam can’t swim, so it’s up to Joel to help them across.

Once the group has passed you will be in a narrow tunnel that leads to a control room. Before you get there, look to your left. There is a small room that contains this toolbox.

Last US Workbench tool locations: A man shines his flashlight on a red toolbox on a table.

Workbench Tool Four: University – Science Building

This workbench tools upgrade in The Last of Us can be found on the second floor of the building. Once inside, do not exit through the atrium door. Instead, walk down the hall until you see room 205 – conference room. Use a Shiv to unlock it.

The red toolbox is on a desk in this room. It is also right next to the Implementation Training Manual (i.e. Molotov Upgrade). You can get more information in our guide to training manuals.

Last US Workbench tool locations: A man looks at a torn and torn white tent.

Fifth Workbench Tool: Bus Station – Motorway Exit

The final Workbench tools upgrade in The Last of Us is in a Phaedra tent. Continue further in this chapter until you reach the scene with the giraffe. After that, head to the open area. You will find this container in the large tent in the middle.

Now that you know all five of The Last of Us workbench tool locations, it’s time to get out there and go wild. You also don’t need to collect these tools in order, so if you miss one on your first run, collect it next time. When collecting tools, take a look at all The Last of Us Firefly Pendants as well as The Last of Us Safe Codes, leave no stone unturned. If you’re not quite ready to take on the infected right now, our list of the best PC games is sure to be right up your alley.

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