PProblems for the giants at VCT EMEA. The Giants team continues its own fight to maintain the Playoffs in the highest competition VALORANT, and every week the fights get more complicated. After winning two days in a row, Pipson’s men tasted defeat again yesterday.

The game was very close and The people of Malaga were close to him. The first card fell on their side, but luck did not smile on the second, and although they were about to send it to overtime, they ended up losing. The third was also close, but ultimately it was the horses that managed to close.

Giants-Team Liquid Summary

The first card chosen was Ascent. The people of Málaga were ready for him and went ahead in the first side, which was still disputed. A sensational Fitinho found the key so that, thanks to his Jett, the Giants went 7-5 on the exchange.

After that, Team Liquid recovered, and came to make the Spaniards fear victory from this first point. Sayf was ready to face duelists and he fought hard. However, the Giants, with three consecutive attacking rounds, ended up finishing 13-11.

The second map, Icebox, wasn’t as good for the giants as they would have liked. Team Liquid took advantage of their attack, Sayf once again coming out on top with Jett. The horses were able to go to the change of court in front, with the result of 7-5.

The giants responded in their attack, and completed a very good second half. However, that was not enough to end the match 2-0. The result was ultimately 13-11 for a Team Liquid, who left the match 1-1.

And finally, the last card was Lotus. Team Liquid took advantage of their attack again, like at Icebox, with a result of 7-5, that left everything open for the second half, in which the Giants had to wake up to end up winning.

However, the Giants offense was slowed down by the Nats Viper, who had a sensational second half and left the Giants on the canvas. In the end, the result is 13-10, and the horses are third and threaten to lead the classification, while the Giants are in the middle of the table.

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