• We continue to learn interesting details about what it will offer us when the long-awaited The Callisto Protocol is released in December.

As you know, the creator of the game is Glen Schofield, the same one who created the first installment of Dead Space, so as you will understand, there are things that will be familiar to you in this game. One of the things that will not be familiar to us will be the level of difficulty, although the first Dead Space was not a walk, if it is true that when you improved your weapons and got improvements for the protagonist’s suit everything was easier.

In The Callisto Protocol we can also improve our weapons and equipment, but with all that, it seems that the game will be more demanding in its normal difficulty mode. This mode, which will be the standard of the game, will force us to stay awake in each fight and not to advance like crazy, luckily, for those who just want to live the experience without going too crazy, you can play in easy mode, which is also available in the game.

The Callisto Protocol will be a more difficult game, but it will have an easy mode

If you want to know more details of The Callisto Protocol for Xbox you can read our impressions through the following link. The game will be available if all goes according to plan on December 2 on Xbox.

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