In RE4 Remake you will find a huge selection of weapons. In this guide, you will learn which are the best weapons.

RE4 Remake has already debuted on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox X|S consoles. The game is quite popular due to its atmosphere and enjoyable gameplay. During the game we will face battles with many opponents. With this guide, you will learn what are the best weapons available in RE4 Remake.

The best weapons in RE4 Remake

The best gun in RE4 Remake


This is a secret weapon that is found in a wreck in the middle of a lake. You can access it in chapters 4 and 5. RED9 is characterized by considerable firepower, which, combined with a relatively high rate of fire, makes this weapon excellent for self-defense.

The best magnums of RE4 Remake

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This is a magnum with a laser sight, which can only be purchased from a dealer in Chapter 13. The main advantages of this weapon are its very high damage and accuracy. This combination makes it relatively easy to eliminate almost any opponent while wielding this magnum.

Best SMGs in RE4 Remake

The best weapons in RE4 Remake - image #3


This machine gun can be purchased from the merchant in Chapter 3. It features high rate of fire and fairly high damage for this type of weapon.. The downside, without a doubt, is accuracy, at short and medium ranges the TMP will work perfectly.

The best rifle in RE4 Remake

The best weapons in RE4 Remake - image #4


You can buy this rifle from the merchant in Chapter 7. It features high damage and accuracy. It’s a semi-automatic weapon, so you can fire multiple shots relatively quickly, defending yourself against a group of enemies.

The best shotgun in RE4 Remake

The best weapons in RE4 Remake - image #5

riot gun

The Riot Gun is a shotgun that can be purchased in Chapter 6. This weapon is excellent at close range. The combination of very high damage, a fast rate of fire, and the fact that you don’t have to aim particularly precisely.makes the Riot Gun a very effective means of self-defense.

All weapons in RE4 Remake

You can find a full list of weapons in our guide, where we outline where you can get them, and their prices. Remember, the best weapons are the ones that best suit your preferred playstyle, so don’t be afraid to experiment with your arsenal.

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