Esports organization Team BDS has announced that it has partnered with blockchain platform XBorg. The deal will see the pair collaborate with a number of Web3 companies, all with the aim of providing Team BDS fans with new fan experiences.

We’re told this will include a collaboration with The Sandbox to create the first esports arena on the platform, as well as a partnership with Avatarz to allow fans to create their own digital identity, while also being rewarded with rewards. exclusive virtual collectibles suitable for the team. electronic sports.

Jocelyn Roux, CEO of the BDS team, added: “This partnership provides a new perspective for the BDS team, ushering in the launch of unprecedented virtual spaces and experiences for the club. This new technology will have a significant impact on the overall business strategy of the structure and on the way we interact with our fans We are We are excited about this partnership with XBorg, which aims to create a new connection between the BDS team and its fan community, by helping the club integrate blockchain technology into its engagement strategy .”

There is no new financial information or duration of the partnership agreement.

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