Stunlock Studios today released a trailer for the highly anticipated “Secrets of Gloomrot,” V Rising’s first major content update, which will arrive on May 17th. Although the next update includes improvements throughout the game, this first trailer focuses on the new biome: Gloomrot. Navigate polluted valleys and lightning-scorched highlands to encounter mutant experiments and mechanical marvels from the twisted imaginations of the Trancendum. Hunt down the blood of brilliant lunatics to harness the power of lightning and enter a new era of technology. Gloomrot will be one of the largest regions in the game, almost the size of Dunley Farms.

Along with adding a new biome, players can expect a long list of improvements and new content. Castle building will be significantly improved, allowing for multi-story building, claiming castle territories, and adding new ways to customize your domain. Combat will be more diverse with new weapon types and a new spell school, while allowing players to modify their spells to their liking with the trinket system. The world of Vardoran has also been overhauled with new points of interest to visit, visual updates, new items and enemy types. There will also be a total of 13 additional bosses to hunt down for Arcane Knowledge. All this and more when Secrets of Gloomrot releases May 17. Visit the website:

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