Steam: Possibility to take notes in the middle of the game soon?  – Game News

Steam: Possibility to take notes in the middle of the game soon? – Game News

According to a new leak, Steam will allow you to take notes in the game. Enough to note valuable information about your game!

Valve enriches Steam with features for a better user experience. According to a new leak from Pavel Djundik, the gaming platform is preparing a novelty allowing you to take notes during your games!

Take notes while playing on Steam

Pavel Djundik, creator of SteamDB and Steam data specialist, is formal: “ Valve is working on an in-game rating system “. Although the mention of this feature is quite vague, it is expected that the player be able to take notes during a game. Convenient for remembering to return to a specific location for history or refreshing your memory after a long period of inactivity. For example, dive into a big title like Red Dead Redemption 2 more easily if you’ve taken a longer or shorter break. EITHER write down the code of a chest that you found while searching a room. The possibilities are many.

This system recalls a time that those under 20 cannot know where game manuals had blank pages for notations. We imagine that with Steam these notes will be more advanced with the possibility of putting links or images. This feature has long been requested by users.

A notification system in preparation?

Pavel Djundik specifies that “ Valve is also working on a notification pagesimilar to mobile app “. What to warn players during promotions, for example, or when a game is removed from the wish list. It’s still more practical than emails!

Of course, this information comes from a leak and remains to be taken with tweezers as long as Valve has not formalized anything, of which the Steam Deck is at -10%. But Pavel Djundik has a solid reputation in the industry, considered an expert in the gaming platform. So there is a good chance that this information is true.

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