Square Enix unveils a first trailer for its NFT game – Game News

Square Enix unveils a first trailer for its NFT game – Game News

Square Enix recently introduced Symbiogenesis, the studio’s first game to use blockchain and NFT technologies. A principle that divides the community of players, but one thing is certain, the game is talked about.

The study Square Enix unveiled a 44-second trailer to showcase its upcoming NFT game. “Symbiogenesis” by its name, is quite controversial because associated with NFT and blockchain technology. Square Enix also released additional information about the game, adding that there will be 10,000 NFT characters.

Symbiogenesis is the publisher’s first attempt at a game using NFT and blockchain technologies. A principle that divides the community. And for good reason: their technologies consume a lot of energy. At a time when ecology and carbon impact are becoming central, this type of expensive technology is not welcome.

Square Enix: The game of new technologies

What exactly are NFTs?

NFTs are units unique and non-exchangeable data stored on a blockchain (a form of digital recording). They allow users to buy and sell digital goods such as game items or works of art.

In the case of symbiogenesis, this would be more than 10,000 characters available in NFT. Each with a unique design, different profession and race. Images that can be used as profile pictures on social networks will also be released. Characters must be sold in each chapter of the game. Square Enix specified that there should be 6.

The study also stated that gamers’ progress through the main story and quests while unlocking character-owned stories “that they” find the hidden objects in the floating continent » or even that they « You will determine the end of the story by participating in the world mission, where the final decision will be made. »

Symbiogenesis was originally announced in November. He has been described as the ” first digital collectible art project designed from scratch for Web3 fans “.

Square Enix is ​​one of the first major publishers to declare NFT support. A letter was released on New Year’s Eve during the holidays in early 2022. In this letter, Matsuda pledged to bring blockchain and NFT games to Square Enix’s games portfolio.

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