The actors have already warned fans: stay after the credits, there is an extra scene. And so it was. We didn’t dump it in our spoiler-free review of Super Mario Bros: The Movie on Gamereactor this morning, but let’s preview it in this article for those of you who’ve already seen it.

That is, under the picture they are waiting for you spoilers If you haven’t been to the movies yet…

Before the credits roll, it becomes clear how they’ve imprisoned Bowser in Peach’s Castle, in a cage and somehow shrunk permanently, even though he’s allowed to romp at the piano. However, after the credits, the camera returns to Earth, at level 1-2 underground beneath New York, and leaves a very clear picture of something that crept into our world after the great war with Bowser and the explosion of the bill balazo: a Yoshi egg. Green, authentic, as if he were more special than all those rushing to the bottom of the field. Also, we don’t see him up close, but it’s clear he’s hatching as the film ends with his unmistakable shout of “Yoshi!”

The most likely sequel to Super Mario Bros: The Movie appears to have a confirmed first character and possibly part of the storyline. What could happen to that lost Yoshi in Brooklyn if Mario and Luigi moved to the Mushroom Kingdom? Will they return periodically and will the expected encounter with the animal that will act as a mount take place? If anything, a Yoshi lead role created by Illumination can have as much or more of an effect than his first appearance in Super Mario World, his lead role in Yoshi’s Island, or the sidereal motion he gave Super Mario Galaxy 2. .

What do you expect from Yoshi in a hypothetical sequel?

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