Summer Games Done Quick charity event

The Summer Games Done Quick charity event wrapped up its annual charity speedrunning extravaganza this weekend with a half-hour run around the Elden Ring. There was also a donation of more than 3 million dollars for Doctors Without Borders – an international organization that provides emergency medical aid to people affected by war, natural disasters and epidemics.

The final sum was amazing 3.016.200 $, said the charity organization Games Done Quick on Twitter. This is a significant jump compared to recent years, when fundraising has declined due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

At the same time, it’s not the first time that the summer event has broken the $3 million mark – it was the same in 2019! 2019 was also the last time the event was held in person before finally returning to a live audience this year after 2 years. In total, more than $40 million has been raised for charity since Games Done Quick debuted in 2010.

Elden Ring-Speedrun

Summer Games Done Quick was streamed live via Twitch – all speedruns from the event are now also available on YouTube. Including the final Elden Ring speedrun. In just 33 minutes and 58 seconds, speedrunner HYP3RSOMNIAC mastered FromSoftware’s demanding roleplay.

It’s an Any% run, which means it’s all about getting from start to finish as quickly as possible. And that in turn means making very creative use of the terrain, the glitches, and the overall fun of the game.

The next Games Done Quick event is the return of the Flame Fatales, an annual women-only speedrunning showcase running August 21-27. This year, the Flame Fatales will raise money for the Malala Fund, which works to educate girls around the world.

Here you can see the donation success

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