It looks like Endnight wants to make the most of its new title, including new content on a regular basis. This new patch 03 introduced new tools and content, such as night vision goggles, a new vehicle and traps to protect the base, as well as fixing various bugs and balancing some aspects.

Among these recently incorporated tools, night vision goggles, which allow greater visibility in explorations both in caves and at night, are one of the most striking contents. There’s also the new Knight V vehicle, an electric unicycle that makes it easier to explore and get around the island. Other light-related items have also been included, such as solar panels, light bulbs and cables to illuminate the pitch. Finally, there are spring traps, which help players protect their base by blowing up any enemies that step on them.

Finally, balance adjustments have been implemented. Now it will be easier to dismember dead enemies, in addition to the disturbing introduction of baby corpse buoyancy in water. The truth is that most gamers are happy with the studio’s great involvement when it comes to constantly introducing new content to the title since its launch date.

You can now play Sons of the Forest on PC via Steam.

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