Sonic Frontiers is getting its first major DLC update this week, and it’s free

Sonic Frontiers is getting its first major DLC update this week, and it’s free

Sonic Frontiers is getting its first major DLC update this week, and it won’t cost you anything.

Sonic Frontiers launched late last year, and if you’ve already roamed the Starfall Islands and done everything there is to do there, then fear not because the new content isn’t only a few days away.

As reported by VGC (opens in a new tab), Sega has announced that the first DLC for Sonic Frontiers, titled “Sights, Sounds and Speed”, will be released on Thursday, March 23. This is the first of three content updates planned for Sonic. Frontiers, all of which will be available for free.

In an email sent to gamers, Sega says the update brings new “features and modes,” but doesn’t go into detail about what exactly they are. However, a look at the road map (opens in a new tab) released November 2022 shows DLC Update 1 includes a jukebox, photo mode, and new challenge modes seemingly tied to the game’s cyberspace levels, so it’s safe to assume that these are the additional elements to be added later. this week.

Moving forward, Update 2 will contain content related to Sonic’s birthday, as well as an “open area challenge” and a new Koco, the adorable stone-like creatures that Sonic finds on the islands. Update 3 is expected to be big with new playable characters and additional story content. Naturally, the prospect of playing non-Sonic characters has fans more than excited. As of now, there are no release date details for any of these DLCs.

Earlier this year, during a Q&A session with investors, Sega revealed that sales of Sonic Frontiers had “far exceeded” the company’s initial estimates and said it was committed to donating Sonic Team a larger budget for future titles. Given the popularity of Sonic Frontiers, we could see other entries in the series take its open-world approach. That said, Sega apparently isn’t planning on ditching the classic 2D formula anytime soon either, as Sonic Frontiers director Morio Kishimoto recently teased that we should “expect” more side-scrolling Sonic games.

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