Sonic Frontiers gets ‘Sights, Sounds And Speed’ update this week, full details

Posted on March 20, 2023 by Brian(@NE_Brian) in News, Change

SEGA has revealed that the first major content update for Sonic Frontiers, dubbed “Sights, Sounds, and Speed”, will be released this week. Players will be able to get their hands on it on March 22, 2023 (March 23 in Europe).

The update will include new challenge modes, a photo mode, and the jukebox. Here are some additional details:

New Challenge Modes – After completing the main story campaign, players can access new challenge modes, Cyber ​​Space Challenge and Battle Rush, through the title screen. Cyber ​​​​​​Space Challenge is a time trial mode where players will race against the clock to complete multiple Cyber ​​​​​​Space stages in a row. Additionally, Sonic Frontiers will feature Battle Rush, a timed battle mode where you fight multiple enemies, Guardians, and Titans in one go.

Photo Mode – To capture memories of their time on Starfall Islands, players can open the pause menu to access Photo Mode, which will pause the game and display a freely movable camera.

Jukebox – Players can listen to their favorite Sonic songs across all Starfall Islands with the new Jukebox. With 53 song tracks available, players will have instant access to 13 songs and can unlock the remaining 40 songs by collecting sound memories on each island.

Take a closer look at Sonic Frontiers’ “Sights, Sounds, and Speed” update in the gallery below.

Don’t forget that there are still two more major Sonic Frontiers updates in 2023. They will include new features, challenges, playable characters, and more. We have additional information here.

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