Rust Guide: Create a Spawn Point in your Game

Rust Guide: Create a Spawn Point in your Game

With the recent release of Rust on console, you may have let yourself be tempted by the adventure. In this article, we’ll see how you can create a spawn point in your games so you don’t have to roam the map again!

If you are new to Rust, you have surely noticed that the first hours of play are subject to a lot of deaths due to other players, but also to the environment which is rather hostile. The problem, is that with each death, you appear in another place.

It’s annoying, especially if you had found a nice area where you had everything you needed and potentially wanted to settle down. Fortunately, there’s a pretty quick way to set up a spawn point through the sleeping bag.

All you need to do is collect 30 fabrics that you can find by killing animals or harvesting it from hemp plants that you can find in your adventures. Once crafted, this bag will create a spawn point where you drop it.

Be careful though, you can only use it every four minutes! Furthermore, it is possible to destroy the sleeping bags of other players: So remember to hide yours well so that this mishap does not happen for you.

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