Tango Gameworks hit the nail on the head earlier in the year with the undercover release of Hi-Fi Rush, which became incredibly popular and is considered by many to be the best release of the start of the year. However, it was a “rare bird” even among the studio’s titles, as they are best known for their horror games The Evil Within and Ghostwire Tokyo.

But famed Reddit leaker eXtas1s claims this won’t be the last time the Japanese studio navigates new horizons. Their sources, which so far seem reliable, claim that Tango Gameworks is now working on a JRPG set in a new universe.

If you really like their horror games, there’s always a chance they’ll do something you like too, as they’re also supposed to be working on a second, unannounced title. Given that Tango Gameworks is Microsoft’s first (and only) Japanese studio, it will be interesting to see how they try to expand their audience with a JRPG while filling a gap when it comes to first-party Xbox titles.

But until we have some sort of official confirmation, this should be taken with extreme caution.

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