You can find many NPCs in Sun Haven. In this guide, you will learn if you can romance multiple characters at the same time and what is the list of candidates you can romance.

Sun Haven is a game developed by Pixel Sprout Studios, in which we can farm, perform various tasks and meet NPCs. One of the advantages for which this title is praised is precisely the interesting NPCs. In this guide, you will learn, among other things, if it is possible to make several people fall in love in Sun Haven.

Romance and Sun Haven

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The friendship level is determined by the number of hearts.

One of the most interesting parts of the game is meeting NPCs, befriending them, and eventually falling in love with them. To make specific characters like us more, you need to give them gifts and complete tasks related to them. These activities increase the level of friendship.which can be verified by the number of hearts next to a character.

Gifts can be given to a specific character once per day. Each NPC prefers different items, which you can discover during the game.. The gifts are divided into four categories:

  1. Love – add 1 heart
  2. Like – add 0.75 heart
  3. Good – adds 0.5 hearts
  4. Bad – does not add heart

Friendship level increase

  1. 2 hearts: The player has access to the character’s house.
  2. 5 hearts – the player receives a card
  3. 7 hearts: a dialog about the first date will appear
  4. 8 hearts – the player will receive another card and another date will be available. After that, you can decide if you want to have an official relationship with the character. However, this is only possible after reaching friendship level 10.
  5. 15 Hearts: After reaching this level, you can propose to a character by giving them a Alliance, which can be purchased from Bernard.

In Sun Haven, you can romance multiple characters at the same time.

Love interests in Sun Haven

Right now in Sun Haven, there are 15 characters you can romance.

  1. Lucy
  2. Liam
  3. GOOD
  4. catalina
  5. Lynne
  6. Nathaniel
  7. June
  8. claudio
  9. kitten
  10. Wornhardt
  11. dario
  12. Donovan
  13. Hi
  14. Iris
  15. but

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