Massive Monster and Devolver Digital announced that Relics of the Old Faiththe first major content update for the award-winning game Worship of the Lambwill be available for free on PC and consoles April 24. Praised be the “Lamb”.

The update will include a new story after game in which a mysterious being will ask you to conquer renewed crusades, enemies and bosses using “Relics”; usable items that grant unique effects to “the Lamb”, improve the fight in a multitude of different ways. Conduct sermons to unlock new relics and keep track of them in the Book of Relics while uncovering mysterious new stories about “The Three Ducks”.

Combat upgrades also come in the form of “Heavy Attacks”, which allow the “Lamb” to embark on deeper and more difficult expeditions than ever before. Players will need to combine all of their new abilities to take on tougher enemies with more powerful attacks.

However, growing a cult is not just about defeating enemies and converting non-believers, so Relics of the Old Faith it also announces lots of new content to ensure a happy commune. Assign a “Follower” to prepare food for you in the kitchen, prepare up to 30 meals for your hungry herd and solve their sleeping problems with the “Shared Shelters” who hold up to 3 subscribers. As your cult grows, you will need a new “Crypt” to store corpses, but keep things pretty with new farm signs, which use the “Lamb’s” power of suggestion to entice “Followers” to organize their harvests.

Followers will continue to evolve into new and unusual forms after the update, including badgers, penguins, raccoons and more, and proud cult leaders will be able to preserve their treasured memories forever with the new “Picture mode”.

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