Redfall will not have an online store or microtransactions confirms Arkane

Redfall will not have an online store or microtransactions confirms Arkane

In light of our preview of Redfall, Arkane co-director Austin confirmed that the game won’t offer an online store or microtransactions.

Since its announcement in 2021, Redfall benefited from relatively sustained communication of Bethesda. As its launch approaches, the publisher does not hesitate to reveal more and more about this future title is signed Arkane Austin, of which we have just offered you our preview. And on the occasion of the latter, we were also able to obtain information that will undoubtedly reassure many players.

Redfall will not have an online store or microtransactions

In fact, if you’ve been following the gaming news lately, you probably know that Redfall is expected to have a more extensive post-launch following than any game from the previous studio.. Additional characters, new costumes and new weapons have already been announced in the future, which may have caused some to fear that the title will come with a service game dimension.

But if you are one of them, don’t worry: it won’t be like that! As Harvey Smith, the game’s creative director, confirmed to us during our preview, Redfall won’t feature an online store or microtransactions.. Therefore, all additional content will be offered via packages or updates specifically intended for this purpose, which Arkane obviously did not want to tell us more about for the moment.

That said, I know if you buy the “Show Your Fangs” edition of the game, you will already have access to some of them. The latter contains the Heroic Pass, which will later include the “Games of the Past” bundle, the “Laser Beam” multi-weapon skin, and the “Tactical Knife” stake weapon accessory. Besides, for any pre-order, you will also receive the “Vampire Hunter” packfeaturing an epic shotgun, weapon skin, and accessory.

As a reminder, Redfall is expected on May 2, 2023 exclusively on Xbox Series X|S and PC. It will be included in the Game Pass from the day of its launch.

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