While we’ve grown accustomed to seeing games pop in and out of Game Pass, one title that’s stayed on the service for years is Xbox console-exclusive Quantum Break. Its time on Game Pass is coming to an end, however, and it will be one of seven games rolling out later this month.

No será solo Quantum Break el que abandone Game Pass, ya que Life is Strange: True Colors, Rainbow Six: Extraction, Moonglow Bay, The Long Dark, The Riftbreaker, Panzer Corps 2 y The Dungeon of Naheulbuek: The Amulet of Chaos también dejarán the service.

The release of Quantum Break was the topic of conversation for much of the day, during which there was speculation as to why an Xbox exclusive is no longer playable on its own platform. Finally, Microsoft fixed the issue that this is due to “problems with current licenses”, which doesn’t fully clarify whether these are actor image rights (as the late Lance Reddick) or if it’s something related to the game’s soundtrack.

Every game will always be availableuntil April 16, and if you wish to continue playing after that date, you will need to purchase the full game. Be sure to do this before signing up for Game Pass, as it offers a 20% discount on all titles currently on the service.

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