QSMP the New Quackity Series: Participants and Minecraft Event Details

QSMP the New Quackity Series: Participants and Minecraft Event Details

Quackity was one of this year’s new additions to Karmaland. Vegetta decided to have him for the series, and he became one of the most followed streamers, even managing to be among the nominees for revelation streamer at ESLAND.

You have now decided to create your own Minecraft server. QSMP will have big names, chosen by him but beyond the participants we don’t know much about the series. Let’s see who the guests were and what else the streamer said.

QSMP participants and details

The truth is that QSMP is going to be a small server. After watching the Squid Craft Games 2 series, with 200 streamers, that sounds like crap, but in this case it will be a total of 16 participants, (17 if we count Quackity itself).

  • WilburSoot
  • FitTM
  • JaidenAnimations
  • Hello badboy
  • FoolishGamers
  • DanTDM
  • slimecicle
  • soft
  • El-Rubius
  • El Mariana
  • Spreen
  • MissaSinFonia
  • King
  • Vegeta777
  • Maxim
  • Quackery

The most talked about invitations are, of course, Vegetta and Rubius. The former agreed to enter the server by giving Quackity a vote of confidence, just like the Mexican gave it to him in Karmaland. The second was presented with a most mysterious poster.

The series trailer lets us see that streamers will be in a place called Quesadilla Island, Looked like it was a resort area 20 years ago, but now it could become a trap. According to what Quackity said, the idea is for the server to be bilingual, and for this it has invited Spanish and English creators, who will have to coexist with different dynamics.

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