¿Have you ever gone to bed thinking how would you defend your home and neighborhood from a plague of zombies? If you are as disturbed as the one who writes these lines, Project Zomboid is your game.

Independent stone production He had passed before my eyes an infinite number of times, whether on Youtube, on Twitch or a free video on Twitter. It had never caught my attention until…

Until I decided to watch one of these full videos. and at some point i knew this game had something to offer me, something Rust, Grounded, or other games I’ve been addicted to for hours couldn’t offer me.

An almost total experience when it comes to survival mode. To be able to die for anything is wonderful for those of us who love this genre and Project Zomboid offers it to you in its endless variables, either through the base game or community-created mods.

Killing zombies is not the main

The story is very simple and complicated at the same time. we are the only survivor of a zombie apocalypse and we can start from four different points in Knox county. Collect inventory, learn recipes, move silently and especially when you know how to attack, this will be your ‘Tablet of Commandments’, because here the PVP or getting involved in the killing of zombies is not essential.

What prevails in this game, it’s your survival and it depends on many factorsNot being bitten by zombies is the main one, but there are many more. Don’t get sick with the temperature change, be careful not to scratch yourself with crystals, branches or other objects. Besides controlling what you eat and how you prepare it, these are just some of the factors that can determine your survival in Project Zomboid.

A steep but satisfying learning curve

But it is difficult?. Yes, the learning curve is usually quite steep. and you are going to have to use common sense many times that you leave out in other video games. Can walking through a window with broken glass cut me? Yeah, and the best thing is that you give the right button and click ‘clean broken glass’. And so with everything, if you don’t have a can opener, it will be difficult for you to open cans and if you do it with the wrong tool, you will lose some of its contents.

Project Zomboid is a game you’ll spend hours playing and learning through trial and error or watch how content creators play on YouTube and Twitch. That’s how I learned that when there’s a power outage in the county, you have to bring a generator to the gas station to get gas. Or what when a horde is coming, you better err on the side of cowardly and get back up than dying in agony between bites because we prefer an “epic battle”.

better with friends

Recommended and almost obligatory if you are a beginner, do the tutorial and also play some games by yourself and pass the “helicopter event” barrier, you will see what laughs Once you start knowing the map, you will be able to move more freely and know that if an area is infested, it will be better to go ‘loot’ on the other side. Also, if you are one of those people who plays a game alone with so much tension that it can get on your nerves, you can always find some friends and play online mode. It is the one that I recommend the most and also the one that I appreciated the most for sharing the trials of everyday life.

Zomboid Project

Start by occupying a ‘random’ house and end up choosing where you want to make your base, providing electricity, water and all the elements necessary for your survival is priceless. Of course, don’t get too attached to your base because one day in the morning you can wake up surrounded by zombies.

Final conclusion

Worth every euro I paid and now I’m thinking of dismantling park benches to increase the Carpentry skill.

Zomboid Project Data Sheet

  • Name: Zomboid Project
  • Developer: indie stone
  • Release year: 2013 (In development)
  • Platforms: Windows, OS, Linux
  • LANGUAGES : It’s in spanish
  • Price : On Steam for 19.50

Minimum requirements

  • Processor: Intel 2.77 GHz dual-core
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Hard disk space: 1.23g
  • Video card: OpenGL 2.1 compatible dedicated graphics card
  • Her: OpenAL compatible sound card

Bonus Track: Youtube Channels with Project Zomboid Content

Zombie TV Project


Buck Fernandez

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