PlayStation support keeps getting worse over time

PlayStation support keeps getting worse over time

A growing number of PS5 and PS4 players are expressing their displeasure with PlayStation Support, or lack thereof, with no relief in sight. Sony unplugged individual help via Twitter last August, and things have only gotten worse since.

What’s going on with PlayStation Support?

As evidenced by a slew of recent complaints on social media and forums like Reddit and ResetEra, players simply can’t log into PlayStation customer support. Forget to call someone on the phone, players consider themselves lucky if they get to a live chat agent, and that agent stays and offers a solution instead of not giving an answer to the problem at hand and putting end of the cat.

Faulty hardware leads to weeks and weeks of headaches, often without desirable results. Having trouble with two-step verification or your account has been hacked? PlayStation Support may not be able to assist you, so please create a new account and cancel any debit or credit cards associated with your old account. Sorry about the games.

For its part, Sony has apparently recruited gamers as online support agents and seemingly offered priority customer support to top PlayStation Stars, but that’s no consolation to the average gamer.

As Sony steps up its marketing efforts on the PS5, one can only hope that the company will also open its wallet to revamp customer support.

Brent Dubin
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