During today’s stream, Grinding Gear Games revealed a trailer and details about new content for Path of Exile’s latest expansion, Crucible, which will launch on April 7 for PC and Mac, and the April 12 for PlayStation and Mac Xbox.

Path of Exile: Crucible introduces many new features and changes, including new Crucible League Challenges, Atlas Gateways, passive skill tree and mastery mods, new Vaal abilities, various Ruthless mode improvements, and more Again !

You can find more information about Crucible’s content below:

  • New Crucible Challenge League – Introducing Crucible Challenge League, a new expansion for Path of Exile that pushes the boundaries of the Path of Exile item system. Crucible lets you power up your weapons with your own skill trees. These trees provide passive bonuses that enhance or increase your character’s power and playability. Weapon tree passives are unlocked with experience gained from completing Crucible encounters. These effects can be very powerful. In Crucible encounters, players choose a weapon to upgrade from an ancient forge. As you channel power into your weapon and increase the difficulty level of the Crucible event, enemies will get stronger and stronger and when defeated will also grant more experience for progression of your weapon. Increasing the difficulty of the event is the fastest way to upgrade your weapon, but at the same time increases the chance of failure. In the exclusive final zone, Titans Forge, players can combine the passive trees of two weapons of the same type to create weapons of unprecedented power.
  • Atlas Gateways – Atlas gateways are a novelty to improve the end of Game on the way to exile. New nodes have been added to the Atlas passive tree that allow instant access between two locations, reducing the number of points players have to spend to move from one side of the tree to the other, saving points liabilities they can take advantage of. to improve the content they really want to play.
  • Content of end of Game reimagined – Breach and Abyss – Two old league mechanics have been revamped: Breach and Abyss. Both mechanics have reduced their duration and improved their gameplay and the number of enemies that spawn. The result is a way to play that is more dynamic, interesting and with better rewards.
  • Passive Tree Rework and Masteries – About half of the masteries have been changed. The new masteries have much more interesting effects and will therefore change a lot of built and will open the door to new character builds.
  • New Vaal Abilities – Nine new Vaal abilities have been added to the game. These are versions that enhance and augment the original abilities, giving players more power when they need it, whether it’s defeating a boss or mitigating damage taken from a critical moment.
  • Changes in ancestry – The Saboteur and Pathfinder have been revamped, giving them new features that improve and push their theme and gameplay a step further.
  • Improvements for Ruthless – Various improvements have been made to Ruthless mode, such as the return of Eternal Orbs and the introduction of new Ruthless-specific challenges for players to complete.

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