Overwatch 2’s Justin Groot Explains Roadhog Character Nicknames

Overwatch 2’s Justin Groot Explains Roadhog Character Nicknames

There is an interesting peculiarity when it comes to monitoring 2 Character selection screen in Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari mode. When people select their avatar, Roadhog announces them. However, he does not just say his name. Some people are given an appropriate nickname or title. When people were talking about it on Twitter, lead writer and narrative designer Justin Groot offered some insight into the process. It turns out that only certain people do it, because there was no time to come up with nicknames for everyone. Groot also teased that more may appear at a later date.

First, Groot noted that Roadhog’s nicknames in Catch-a-Mari were a result of “the creative environment”.

Groot went on to say all the nicknames that appear when selecting a character during the monitoring 2 Catch-a-Mari mode for “a little hour of brainstorming before our deadline”.

For reference, here is the full video of Twitter user Proto VI showing all the nicknames for monitoring 2 characters currently in the game.

And here is the list of them, in case you are in a place where you cannot hear the audio.

  • Stronghold: “Revolts”
  • Cassidy: “Cactus Bootbuckle”
  • Doomfist: “Puñogrande”
  • Genji: “500 filos”
  • Hanzo: “Hand of Bow”
  • Junker Queen: “Your Honour, The Queen”
  • Junkrat: “¿Junkrat? Rrr.
  • Lucio: “Green DJ”
  • Mei: “Princess Carambano”
  • Pharah: “The Rocket Lady”
  • Ramattra: “Thunko, the metal man”
  • Reinhardt: “Bratwurst Muscles, the Bavarian buffet”
  • Roadhog: “Me. Good choice.
  • Sigma: “Frank Gravity”
  • Stay: “Vivian ‘Sojourn’ Chase, Former Acting Commander of Overwatch”
  • Soldier: 76: “America’s Legs”
  • Tracer: “Pippy”
  • Widow: “Scopetta Wand”
  • Winston: “Mister Nanners. Uh, it’s a monkey.
  • Wrecking Ball: “The Champion Himself”
  • Zarya: “Janice Gravity”

monitoring 2 is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Windows PC, and Roadhog’s Catch-a-Mari will be live until April 4, 2023. a punch Skins are also in the game now.

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