Overwatch 2 has just introduced the latest hero to join its roster, a new bracket known as Lifeweaver. Lifeweaver will join the game at the start of Season 4, the April 11but you can check out its trailer below.

Lifeweaver marks two firsts for Overwatch, as he is the shooter’s first Thai hero and also its first openly pansexual hero. Coming from a traditional Thai family, Lifeweaver was sent to the Vishkar Academy of Architecture, where he met Symmetra and developed a new harsh light technology known as biolight, which allowed him to create synthetic plants.

After being hunted for his new technology, Lifeweaver decided he would use it to help the world and is currently on the run from Vishkar. That’s as far as her story goes in Overwatch 2, so it’ll be interesting to see how she interacts with the other heroes in the game, especially Symmetra.

Lifeweaver’s playstyle is primarily focused on healing and using his mechanical plants to support his team. Its primary fire is a “light” heal that can be charged for a larger burst. His secondary fire allows him to defend himself when enemies attack and he can deal a lot of damage. As for his abilities, he has the Petal Platform, which allows him to create a small cushion that lifts allies and enemies into the air when they step on it. Another of his abilities allows him to grab an ally, making them invulnerable for a short time and putting them out of harm’s way.

His ultimate is called Tree of Life, and it creates a massive tree across the map that provides bursts of healing to allies.

Will you be playing Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2?

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