F-Zero, one of Nintendo’s flagship licenses that has been underused for years, could well sign its big comeback according to a rumor.

The Nintendo Switch is heaven for ports and other remasters. We have seen it well: most Wii U exclusives have already arrived on Nintendo’s hybrid console, and the firm has started to use its Gamecube catalog for all nostalgics, with the success of remastering. from Metroid Prime. Also, in the same genre, we expect one of the most popular Gamecube JRPGs, Baten Kaitos, very soon on Nintendo Switch. In this context, the Japanese firm could well relaunch one of its most famous licenses, which has not been used for decades: F-Zero!

Is F-Zero GX remastered?

The rumor comes to us from the Nintendo Prime Twitter account, which made the announcement last Friday that the studio Next Level Games was working on a project, namely the remastering of F-Zero GX. As a reminder, F-Zero GX is the last episode of the license to be released on a home console (the last on all media is F-Zero Climax, released on Gameboy Advance). While this is just a rumor, as Nintendo Prime may have indicated that they did not want to mention their sources, however, it indicates that they have met people who have indicated that this remaster is in fact in development.

Next Level Games is a studio founded in 2002, which was able to work on many great projects for Nintendo such as Super Mario Strikers, Punch-Out!!! or, more recently, the excellent Luigi’s Mansion 3. This rumor is therefore rather a good omen, especially since fans have been waiting for several decades for the return of the F-Zero series, whatever form this return will take. . An F-Zero GX remaster should surely keep gamers satiated for a while.

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