The situation around Nintendo and the hacker Gary Bower was one of the most shocking news stories of 2020. Bowser (who is in no way related to Nintendo of America’s president) was part of a hacker group that made tens of millions of dollars selling devices emulators who could access pirated Nintendo titles and, following legal proceedings, the pirate was sentenced to 40 months in prison for their actions, in addition to accepting the $10 million payment for the damage.

However, Bowser will be released from jail earlier than expected for good behavior and while that means he can be freed, speaking to YouTuber NickMoses05, the hacker said the severance package he would have to pay the will see the 25th or even 30% of his income for the rest of his life handed over to the Japanese video game company.

Considering Bowser claims he’s only managed to repay $175 so far (from his prison work), he still has $9,999,825 left to pay Nintendo in the future.

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