NieR Reincarnation’s April Fool’s Day Joke Is A Fake Dating Simulator

NieR Reincarnation’s April Fool’s Day Joke Is A Fake Dating Simulator

Love can exist in the strangest places, as you’re sure to find out in the dating sim NieR Reincarnation. For April Fool’s Day, Square Enix and Applibot have released an otome romance game titled Reincarnation!!: Welcome to Enemy Academy. It will be linked to the player’s NieR Reincarnation game, causing special missions to appear with your love interests.

The game will be released in 12024, and Square Enix will announce a more specific release window closer to this year. There’s also a short gameplay trailer, showing off the different types of enemies you can fall in love with. They combine many familiar tropes, such as the assertive teacher, friendly childhood friend, and quiet elder.

If someone doesn’t know who to date someone, in Reincarnation!: Welcome to Enemy Academy, you can have romances with multiple people at the same time. Of course, you shouldn’t do this in the real world. But in this game, if you try to date multiple partners, you can watch them fight, thereby unlocking new scenes.

You can watch the Reincarnation!!: Welcome to Enemy Academy trailer here:

Now, obviously, this dating sim is just an April Fool’s joke for NieR Reincarnation. The actual game does not contain any dating simulation elements. NieR Reincarnation takes place in the same universe as the NieR and NieR Automata games. It focuses on the problematic narratives of different characters, whose stories have the sad tragedy of Yoko Taro. NieR Reincarnation is available worldwide on mobile devices.

Reincarnation!!: Welcome to Enemy Academy will be released for iOS and Android devices on April 1, 2024.

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