New Witchfire gameplay has appeared. In it, The Astronauts presents the magic system implemented in the game.

One of the games featured during last night’s Future Games Show Spring Showcase 2023 presentation was Witchfire from The Astronauts. A new trailer has revealed a glimpse of the magic system in the dark FPS..

From the developer video and feedback, we learned that spells on fire witch It will be divided into light and heavy – differ in the time it takes to cast them and the amount of hero stamina used.

In addition, a classification of spells by elements has been introduced., each characterized by different properties (for example, enemies on fire will take increased damage). Different characteristics of individual spells can be combined with each other, which will create complex combos based on a variety of spells.

Witchfire’s magic system is presented quite interestingly. Hopefully, in combination with the gun mechanic introduced last month, it turns out to be a cohesive and satisfying system to use.

Witchfire is set to appear later this year in Early Access on the Epic Games Store. The exact release date has yet to be announced. The new The Astronauts game has been announced exclusively for PC.

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