Capcom revealed even more street fighter 6 Photos featuring the new additional Lily and the classic E. Honda. Both are part of the fighting game launch slate. The new gameplay is another developer coincidence, which

here is street fighter 6 developer meeting involving Lily and E. Honda. The sumo wrestler wins the first round, to show off some of his moves. Lily applies heavy pressure and wins the second round. The third round involves both characters essentially using their ultimates on each other, before one of them wins.

Lily is new street fighter 6. It debuted in a trailer shared during State of Play in February 2023. Capcom revealed that H. Honda would be returning much sooner. It appeared in September 2022.

This is the second recent street fighter 6 The devs match will take place in March 2023. A precedent pitted newcomer Marisa against returning fighter Zangief.

street fighter 6 it will appear on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X and PC on June 2, 2023. It will also appear in arcades. It is also part of the Evo 2023 range.

New Street Fighter 6 post footage shows a fight between Lily and E. Honda that first appeared on Siliconera.

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