EA Originals and KOEI TECMO today announced that the first April content update for their triple-A hunting game, wild heartswill be released on April 6.

In this update we welcome a brand new species of Kemono, the force of the wind Murakumo, a fox-like threat that players will encounter in the spring in Azuma. The powerfull Murakumo He soars through the air on platforms of sakura blossoms and has the ability to create a multitude of threats and flower manipulation attacks. If players get too close, the Vulpine Beast’s thundering tornado could knock them out.

Hunters can battle this beast with the new Karakuri spinner. Gaining speed and power as it collides with each obstacle, the top closes in for an effective hit and even stuns an attacking Kemono. This update also includes the addition of the new Overlimit system, allowing hunters to use Essential Orbs, which can be obtained through successful Kemono hunts, to upgrade their existing weapons and armor.

For more information on the first update of this month, which will arrive on April 6, visit the latest blog post from wild hearts Here.

Players can also expect a content update later this month which will introduce a new highly unstable Kemono, infamous fog crowas well as the new Constant Hunt special mission and much more.

wild hearts is available now in physical and digital stores for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S for €79.99 and PC via the EA app, Steam and Epic Game Store for €69.99.

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