Mojang Studios, responsible for the development of the Minecraft universe, finally answered the question for which thousands of its users demanded their attention: What do you think about the integration of blockchain technologies within your metaverse? In an extensive statement, the company was blunt against the introduction of NFTs on its servers and argued that their incorporation could lead to security problems, fraud and specifically “class disparity between players.”

After a concise explanation of what he considered to be Non Fungible Token (NFT)Mojang clarified that although the owners of the servers can charge for access to their space, that price should allow everyone who is within it to access the same facilities. “NFTs, on the other hand, can create models of scarcity and exclusion that would conflict with our rules and the spirit of Minecraft” they described.
In this way, the company confirmed that it would not accept the integration of any experience related to blockchain within its space, nor any content related to the construction of worlds, skins, cosmetics or any other type of mod to create some type of “active”. scant digital.
Another of the main concerns of Mojang Studios is the origin of the NFTs that could be marketed in its universe, given that “some third-party companies may not be reliable and end up costing the players who buy them.” According to his explanation, as each NFT depends on the stability of its blockchain, it is possible that whoever is in charge of each asset could disappear without a trace.

“We will be paying attention to how blockchain technology evolves to ensure that the principles we describe can be sustained and determine if we can include safe or practical experiences within gaming,” they concluded from Mojang.

“There have also been instances where NFTs were sold at an artificial price or fraudulently inflated cost. We recognize that creation within our game has intrinsic value and we aspire to provide a market where those values ​​can be recognized”, they pointed out at the end of their statement.

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