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Minecraft: Best Texture Packs in 2021 and How to Install Them

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We give you a list of the best texture packs that you can install today in Minecraft, and the truth is that they are very worth it.

Thanks to the user community, Minecraft has become a practically infinite proposal of possibilities, and we are not only talking about exclusive servers or better mods , but also texture packages that as soon as you see them, you will want to install them immediately.

But since we know that it is not easy to find which are the most suitable texture packs for Minecraft given that there are hundreds of them, we have selected the ones that we liked the most so that you can download them directly.

We also recommend that, if you like many of these packages, do not hesitate to collaborate with their original creators so that they continue to develop this type of add-ons for the user community.

Minecraft: Best texture packs in 2021 and how to install them

How to install texture packs in Minecraft


Depending on the version you have:

In the Bedrock editions

Through the built-in store where you will find free texture packages and other paid ones. You can search for the texture packs that we have recommended to you through this built-in store.

In Minecraft Java Edition

Just go to the option “Mods and Texture Packs” and then click on “open texture pack folder”. There you have to drop the .zip file that you download from the texture pack that we recommend below.

For Minecraft edition on Windows 10

As soon as you have downloaded the corresponding Zip, you must locate the path where you have installed the folder called “resource_packs”, where you must paste the .zip file that you have downloaded.

This varies according to each person’s computer, so simply go to the Minecraft installation and find the aforementioned folder.

As soon as you have pasted the .zip file in that folder, you will be able to start Minecraft in Windows 10, and access “global resources” within settings, and the texture pack should appear.

The best texture packs for Minecraft in 2021

Sphax PureBDCraft ( download )

This very popular texture pack adds a comic style to the textures of the game, and that you are going to love especially on the faces of the characters and enemies.


LB Photo Realism Reload ( download )

Makes trees look much more realistic, including grass. It will make the scenery you visit look completely different, much more natural.


Faithful ( download )

If you don’t want the game to change too much, you can install this texture pack, which makes small but very convincing changes, improving brightness and making textures look smoother.

SapixCraft ( download )

It is capable of making the world of Minecraft look much cleaner, with realistic and calming water and with a grass that moves in unison to create a completely natural and different atmosphere.

Modern HD ( download )

It is ideal if you want nature to dominate your Minecraft games with much more imposing trees, and making the landscapes look more beautiful.


CoterieCraft ( download )

He also bets to keep the essence of Minecraft without including some devastating textures, but improves them slightly by highlighting the plants and construction materials.

Eternal Hearts ( download )

It is inspired by the Kingdom Hearts series and with an atmosphere very similar to what you can experience in different RPG games.


Jolicraft ( download )

If you are looking for a game full of details, where you can see the teeth of wolves or even the most realistic fur on animals, you are going to love this texture pack.

Conquest ( download )

It is a medieval-inspired texture pack that seems to take the game back in time in a unique setting that will remind you of certain fantasy movies.


In our opinion, these are the best texture packs that you can install in Minecraft in 2021, and they are really spectacular.

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