Minecraft reveals its collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons

Minecraft reveals its collaboration with Dungeons & Dragons

Minecraft has another collaboration in the works as it was revealed today that the game will crossover with Dungeons & Dragons. The announcement was made during a D&D Direct presentation a few minutes ago.

The Dungeons & Dragons DLC will allow players to explore the Forgotten Realms as classic D&D character classes. Monsters resembling spectators, mimics, mind flayers and gelatinous cubes are also present. Some classic locations have been recreated, such as Icewind Dale and Candlekeep, fighting Beholders, Mimics, etc.

It appears to be quite a meaty DLC, as it will take players around ten hours to run through it the first time. There is also a story where players start by choosing their character’s classes and stats. It will be possible to embody the roles of paladin, barbarian, wizard or thief. This is in addition to a custom combat system that features abilities such as the rogue backstab and the ability to equip gear that affects character stats.

Here’s a trailer for the Minecraft Dungeons & Dragons Collaboration DLC:

Minecraft is available on Switch right now. We’re awaiting an exact release date for the Dungeons & Dragons DLC, but it’s on track for this spring. We’ll report back once we hear more specific times.


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