The excellent reception that the new Return to Monkey Island has had seems to have gone down very well in the offices of Lucasfilm Games, so one of the main developers of Maniac Mansion hinted that a new title of the 1987 graphic adventure could begin to gestate in a very short time, and would serve as a continuation of the beloved Day of the Tentacle.

Craig Derrick was in charge of suggesting through your twitter account that he was “going back to the mansion”. This was in congratulations to the team behind the development of the new installment of Monkey Island.

The doors of Maniac Mansion seem to be open

I’m sure more will be said throughout the weeks and months ahead, but for now, I’ll be standing by when it’s time to go BACK TO THE MANSION!

— Craig Derrick (@craigderrick) September 20, 2022

The final words of the tweet are a carbon copy of what Bernard Bernoulli says in the opening of Day of the Tentacle, something that fans of the adventure will recognize almost immediately. This title had a remastering in 2016 by Double Fine, by the great Tim Schafer, but until now there has never been a title that takes us back to the Edison family home.

While it’s unclear if Derrick is planning a sequel or a remaster of the game, there is certainly something brewing in regards to Maniac Mansion and any adventure game fan should be trying to get their anxiety level under control right now.

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