Lunark Launch Trailer – Game News

Lunark Launch Trailer – Game News

A launch trailer has arrived for lunar, a new cinematic sci-fi platformer with pixel art. WayForward and Canari Games just brought it to Switch.

Set on a distant planet ruled by a totalitarian regime, Lunark is a modern take on the 1990s 2D platform movie genre. As Leo, a courier with unique abilities and a mysterious past, you run, jump, hang , climb, roll and shoot yourself through beautiful animated pixel art environments ranging from a dystopian megalopolis to spooky caves and an alien forest. You must overcome traps, solve puzzles, earn upgrades and battle enemy droids, and when you’re not fighting for your survival you’ll encounter a cast of colorful characters who will test Leo’s loyalty. Uncover the dark origin of mankind’s new homeland and the truth about yourself in this epic sci-fi adventure!

main characteristics

• Experience a modern cinematic 2D platformer with precision gameplay, stunning animations and rotoscoping cutscenes!
• Immerse yourself in a gripping sci-fi story of survival, revolution and mystery
• Intuitive yet versatile controls: run, jump, hang, climb, roll and shoot to freedom!
• Explore beautiful pixel art environments, including mysterious alien ruins, a flying penitentiary, a high-tech megalopolis and an alien forest
• Solve puzzles, overcome traps and interact with a variety of characters.
• Discover hidden upgrades to expand your health and weapon abilities
• Yes, you can pet the dog (and the cat)!

Below is the Lunark launch trailer.

Lunark is currently on the Switch eShop. A physical release will follow later from Limited Run Games.

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