Legends of Runeterra: Glory in Navori is coming – with three new champions, monthly challenges, rotation and the Dragonmancer event

Legends of Runeterra: Glory in Navori is coming – with three new champions, monthly challenges, rotation and the Dragonmancer event

Legends of Runeterra version 4.3.0 introduces the first expansion of 2023: Glory in Navori. This expansion brings three new champions, monthly Path of Champions challenges, a rotation, and the all-new Dragomancer event. On March 31, Legends of Runeterra will livestream the Contest of Glory in Navori on Twitch starting at 5:00 p.m. ET, with top LoR streamers competing for glory in the arena.

The first official competitive season of 2023 will also start very soon, with more opportunities, formats and rewards. You can find the latest update on Competitive LoR.
Glory in Navori will be available on March 29.

To learn more about Samira, Sett and Jack the Winner, and their amazing fans, you can visit the following links
● DAK.gg
● Mobalytic

● Sett is every combo fan’s dream come true. Adds the new coin mechanic, which unleashes several powerful and expensive effects in a single turn.
● Samira brings a breath of fresh air to the Breach archetype… with a lot of style. And, exclusively for Noxus, comes the ability to reactivate Unit Assault already in-game!
● Jack the winner does not get his hands dirty for the little ones or the little minnows. Like Sett, he has a lot of parts; but Jack can also be played with Prizes of Fight or the new keyword introduced in this extension: Audacity.

● Coin – Coins are cumulative. By playing the Currency card, you will recover mana based on the number of stacks.
● Audacity – Can only be blocked by enemies with 3 or more health.

Version 4.3.0 introduces Monthly Challenges to Path of Champions. Each monthly challenge contains 70 mini adventures. And each mini-adventure will consist of one or two fights, then you will face the big boss of the adventure. But not so fast! Each champion can be used a maximum of 3 times, win or lose.

In this expansion comes rotation. And with it, we also bring you the Standard: a format with carefully selected cards. Given its more limited catalog of cards, Standard will present quite a challenge. The Eternal format will be the typical LoR format, in which all cards can be used. You will be able to play competitively in Eternal mode during the last month of each expansion.

Players and gamers will be able to participate in the new Dragonmancers event to get new
champion icons, maps, emotes and skins. The event pass gives access to a route of the
enhanced event with premium rewards and unlocks Serenity Dragon Karma for

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