Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated titles of the year. The release is fast approaching (unless you bought the deluxe version, in which case you can play it for a few days) and the reception has been very good. However, Nvidia faced a big problem, on whose GPUs the title performed significantly worse.. Fortunately, a driver update is now available, improving performance for owners of these GPUs.

The GeForce RTX 4090 is currently the most powerful card available to a gamer (in terms of performance and size), but not in Hogwarts Legacy. The game didn’t like the corporate maps very much, as it got noticeably lower fps results: including 30 fps less on RTX 4090 against RX 7900 XTX (white, the Radeon is significantly weaker). Maybe because Nvidia’s color green is also the color of Slytherin?

Of course, just kidding, the extra CPU/memory overhead introduced by Nvidia’s DX12 compatible drivers was to blame. It usually goes under the radar, but unfortunately Hogwarts Legacy is an exception. The negative impact of this feature has been felt in the game, so the company is trying to improve it. Driver version 528.49 improves performance and can be downloaded from this page.

As you can see in the comments, Opinions on the new pilots are quite divided. For some, gaming performance has improved a bit. However, others report worse results, including at Hogwarts Legacy. For some, the title completely stopped working after the update. It might be worth the wait for a game-specific Game Ready driver.

Similar issues are unlikely to be reported with Intel graphics cards, but let’s face it: ARC devices aren’t very popular yet. However, the Santa Clara giant emerged victorious and was the first to release the so-called Day 0 patch. Driver update number 101.4123 provides fixes for various games., including Hogwarts Legacy. Wizards equipped with ARC Alchemist chips in the PCIe slot can now cast spells without worrying about their PC’s performance.

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