Today we are talking about Second wavea team-based, hero RPG/MOBA shooter with a diverse cast of characters battling for something called the Arcane Stone.

The second wave comes from the hand of Challenger Gamesa study that has developers who had previously worked on TERA for console, and programmers who worked on Black Desert for all platforms, as well as the film producers who worked on Elden Ring and Dark Souls. The studio was already offering details back in September 2022, when the game was called Project B, with the latest news announcing the team’s arrival at GDC and a promise to unveil test plans soon.

As for the gameplay, it looks like it will mostly focus on team deathmatches, as well as some PvPvE combat, judging by a gameplay trailer. More gameplay details are expected to be released soon, but for now the game’s website has various facts about its history and some trailers of the game in action.

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