In Atomic Heart, Facility 3826 is full of hidden enemies, resources, quest items, and resource chests. As the story progresses, finding these enemies and items becomes more difficult with the naked eye. For this purpose, a scanner is used.

The scanner sits at the start of the game and receives game images; it becomes a useful tool for analyzing your environment. In the more difficult modes, the scanner can be used to find out the number of enemies in a room and plan accordingly to avoid being overwhelmed.

While the scanner is still useful, many players have issues regarding its use on Atomic Heart. Using a scanner is simple and hassle-free, as our guide explains.

What does the scanner do?

Atomic Heart’s scanner can be used to eliminate enemies and objects hidden in plain sight. A scanner is a useful tool that will come in handy many times throughout the game.

After equipping the scanner, everything around you will turn gray and people and items of interest will be highlighted according to the set color code.

Your enemies or people who could potentially be your enemies will be highlighted. red or orange and you can also see your enemy’s weaknesses and strengths using the scanner.


A purple the highlight indicates the plot elements and quest items you need in the game while blue Highlight canisters and boxes with resources you can loot. Clues and interactive objects will have a white highlight around you.

How to Use the Atomic Heart Scanner

If you play Atomic Heart on a Xbox, you must simultaneously press the RB button twice to activate the scanner. To maintain scanner vision, you must hold down the RB key after pressing twice for as long as the scanner needs it.

Once you are done scanning your surroundings, release the RB key and the scanner will turn off. You can at any time re-equip the scanner with the same key and use it as many times as you want because there is no power limitation for the use of the scanner.

Likewise, if you play Atomic Heart in playground, you have to do the same thing but with the R1 key. Double-tap it to activate scanner vision, then hold the key a third time.

The scanner manual for Atomic Heart is quite ambiguous, saying you have to hold R1 + R1 and RB + RB, which doesn’t clearly state how to hold scanner vision.


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