In Dead Cells’ latest Return to Castlevania DLC, there is a secret game mode called “Richter Mode”, which involves playing as Richter Belmont in Dracula’s castle. Completing this mode will reward you with a playable Richter outfit, similar to how finding Maria outside the castle unlocks her matching costume. However, many players might have defeated Dracula and missed this new game mode. Conversely, some might wonder why they didn’t discover any hidden mode in Dracula’s castle no matter how hard they search. .

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Find and free Richter in Dead Cells Return to Castlevania

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If you haven’t encountered Dracula in Return to Castlevania of Dead Cells but have thoroughly explored Dracula’s Castle, you cannot experience Richter Mode until you access the “second instance” of the castle. If you remember, the game warns you with a message when you next run after defeating Death. The advisory states that you can only access DLC biomes once per run. So you need to continue through the biomes as a regular run and defeat the clock room boss, after which you can re-enter Dracula’s castle.

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After accessing Dracula’s Castle through the Clock Room in Dead Cells, your next step to unlocking Richter Mode is to find the Vampire Hunter’s Cage inside the palace. To do this, find a room with two yellow figurines shaking hands in the shape of an hourglass. Usually, this piece will appear on the far right of Dracula’s castle. Once you find it, use the “Cross” prompt to enter the prison chamber containing the Richter Cage. After talking to Belmont and freeing him, you can access Richter Mode on your next runs in Dead Cells. To start the DLC game mode, reach the cage location in the castle again and activate the “???” immediate.


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