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How to unlock all skins in Overwatch 2 x One Punch Man

There’s nothing that epitomizes thriving competitive gaming quite like a branded skin collaboration, and the Overwatch 2 x One Punch Man crossover is the first such collaboration in supervisor history. Until April 6, 2023, fans of a punch you can experience the marvel that is Saitama Doomfist, Genos Genji, Terrible Tornado Kiriko and Mumen Rider Soldier 76 through the magic of skins. Along with character skins, various other crossover cosmetics are also available including weapon charms, emotes, and voice lines, some paid to unlock while others can be acquired through gameplay. Read on to find out how to unlock every skin and collectible!

Shop Exclusives: Saitama Doomfist, Genos Genji, Terrible Tornado Kiriko

The three main skins of this collaboration are exclusive to the store, which means that players must pay for them using monitoring 2The premium currency of. Each skin can be purchased as part of an item and skin bundle, or as part of the full pack. If you want to get all the skins, the full pack is technically the most valuable, but if you’re only interested in one or two of them, it’s better to get them separately.

Here is the full prize breakdown:

  • Combination of Saitama items: 2,500 Pieces
  • Genos Element Combo: 1,900 pieces
  • Terrible Tornado Combo: 2,100 Pieces
  • One-Punch Man Complete Pack: 4,400 Pieces

The full pack includes 10 cosmetics in total, divided into three skins, an emote, a victory pose, a voice line, a standout intro, and three calling cards. It’s worth noting that item pack combos aren’t created the same way, with the Saitama Doomfist combo having five cosmetics, the Terrible Tornado Kiriko combo having three, and the Genos Genji combo having two. It’s also worth noting that 2200 pieces are currently $19.99 to purchase, making the whole set cost around $40.

Event Challenge Rewards: Mumen Rider Soldier 76, Other Cosmetics

But what about free play? monitoring 2 users? Fortunately, these players are not completely excluded from the table. monitoring 2 X a punch amusing. Players can earn Mumen Rider Soldier 76 without spending any money as long as they play 24 matches. While 24 matches might seem like a lot, each win counts as two matches, so players can technically unlock the skin within the span of 12 matches. Additionally, five more cosmetics can be earned by playing four, six, twelve, sixteen, and twenty matches respectively.

  • 4 games played – Saitama Handgun Charm
  • 8 games played – Mumen Rider ID Card
  • 12 games played – Justice Soldier Victory Pose Cyclist: 76
  • 16 games played – Outstanding Justice Crash for Soldier Intro: 76
  • 20 games played – Boros Weapon Amulet
  • 24 games played – Legendary Mumen Horseman: 76 skins

He monitoring 2 X a punch The crossover event will run until April 6, 2023 and there is no indication whether or not these skins will be available beyond that. That being said, if other live service games like Fortnite they indicate that we’ll likely see these skins reappear at some point in the months and years to come.

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