How to Open Locked Drawers in Resident Evil 4 Remake

How to Open Locked Drawers in Resident Evil 4 Remake

The new version of Resident Evil 4 is full of all kinds of treasures to find. You can locate most of them by playing through each area and exploring, while others are locked behind a physically locked task or drawer. This guide explains how to open locked drawers, so you don’t miss any of the treasures that might end up giving you a new weapon.

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How to open locked drawers

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To open locked drawers in the new version of Resident Evil 4, you need a key. It sounds incredibly simple, but the keys are hard to reach during play and even harder to hold when walking towards the locked drawer you want to unlock.

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Each locked drawer requires a small key. These items can usually be found in an area attached to the locked drawer. If you look at the game map while playing you will be able to tell which areas it is as there are no doors to prevent you from returning to the locked crate.

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Small keys can be used in any locked drawer. So if you pick one in an area and forget about it much later in the game, you can still use it. they can be found in various locations throughout the game, so search every shelter, house, and container. Even briefcases can have them inside.

However, if you find one, you should try to remember where you last saw a locked drawer, as it’s worth going back to pick up any treasure you missed. We found a fancy skin in a drawer that can be upgraded and sold for a lot of money.

How to find small keys

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The only way to find Small Keys is to explore every nook and cranny while playing Resident Evil 4 Remake. Almost every area of ​​the game is littered with small spaces. You have to break the windows to get in and several pieces to work. Search every room, open every container, and don’t leave an area until you’re sure you’ve found everything. You can buy a treasure map from the merchant who will show you all the treasures to help you on your way.


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