How to Increase Inventory Space in Diablo IV – Game News

How to Increase Inventory Space in Diablo IV – Game News

There’s nothing worse than walking around with a full inventory in Diablo IV because you miss the chance to grab more valuable items. While you can find loot in various chests, your enemies will also drop items when killed. Since inventory space can fill up quite quickly, many players are wondering if there is a way to increase inventory space in Diablo IV.

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Can inventory space be increased in Diablo IV?

As of this writing, there is no option to increase inventory space in Diablo IV. This won’t come as much of a surprise, given that the previous installment of the series also lacked this feature. Therefore, you should make the most of your current space and only store valuables. However, although the inventory space cannot be increased, you can increase the storage space of your external reserve.

What some of you may not know is that there is a Stash in Diablo IV that allows you to store your items. This is indicated by a small chest icon on the minimap, and you can visit it to store items or collect them. However, even the Stash can fill up at some point if you’re in the habit of picking up every item in front of you. But luckily, its storage space can be increased by using 100,000 gold. Yes, it will make you go bankrupt in the game. Also, you won’t be able to acquire that much gold until you have made significant progress. So you’re pretty much stuck with limited storage at first.

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It is important to note that you can also go to the blacksmith to dismantle your objects. In exchange, you will receive crafting materials that can be used to upgrade equipment. This way you can use your items instead of dropping them on the floor when storage fills up.


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