How to get level 35 gear in Diablo 4 beta?  Lower Item Level Requirement – Game News

How to get level 35 gear in Diablo 4 beta? Lower Item Level Requirement – Game News

In Diablo 4, to get the most powerful loot and items at the highest levels (35 lv), you need to defeat the wrathful Osgar Reede and use the skin system. We explain exactly how to do it.

In Diablo 4 Beta, the maximum character level you can reach is 25, but there is an elite monster that often drops high-level gear, even at level 35. These items are usually more powerful than those of other elites and bosses. Also, even if you are 10 levels away from using them, there is a way to lower the required item level and use them on your character in Diablo 4 Beta.

Where to find powerful level 35 rare items? Agriculture, the wrathful of Osgar Reede

Wrathful Osgar Reede (level 35) is one of the elite enemies of Diablo 4 which always appears in the same place on the map. You can easily find him, but remember he is a tough opponent. Wrathful Osgar Reede is located near the village of Nostrava. Check the map below or click the link to see the exact location on our interactive Diablo 4 map:

Location of the wrathful of Osgar Reed. Cover it to get high level items.

The wrathful Osgar Reede isn’t quite as powerful as Diablo 4’s optional hidden boss Butcher, but he can still present a challenge, so we recommend fighting him alone at level 25. You’ll definitely need company (especially if you are a barbarian). . So if you are playing with friends, use the old and proven technique – one person in the team attracts the enemy’s attention, while the rest of the teammates deal damage.

You have defeated Osgar Reede Wrathful always drop the mass of fiery fury – a rare level 35 mace (useful for barbarians) and other random items for other character classes with a required item level of 25-35.

How do I lower the item level of rare items?

You cannot equip items that exceed your character level (25 lv), but In Diablo 4Is there a way to lower the required item level so you can use incredibly powerful items. To do this, it suffices use the appearance system. Skins are obtained from special dungeons on the Diablo 4 map. Once you have unlocked at least one skin, simply go to Demyan, an occultist in the city of Kyovashad (location on interactive map D4) and print one of the skins on the rare weapon dropped by Wrathful Osgar Reede. This way the item level will drop significantly (without quality loss!) and your level 25 character will even be able to use level 35 weapons and items. This method works for any high level weapon in Diablo 4 Beta. This is why Wrathful Osgar Reede near Nostrava is one of the best places to farm items in Diablo 4.

You can read more about the skin system in our Diablo 4 guide.

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