From time to time, you will run into an error that prevents you from connecting to your online game. This is always frustrating, but we have some advice. Here’s what to do if you can’t connect to GTA 5 Online.

Check if your internet is working

If you’re having trouble connecting to online servers in GTA 5 Online, one of the first steps you’ll want to do is check your own internet connection. You can also try rebooting your router, just in case. Finally, if these methods don’t fix the problem, run a speed test of your Internet to see if slow Internet speeds could be the problem.

Try restarting your console or PC. Although this does not always solve the problem of not being able to connect to GTA 5 Online, it is a method that does not hurt to try. Sometimes things on your side just need a bit of a reset. Try to restart your console or PC and then try to enter the game once again. This has sometimes fixed the issue for players.

See if GTA 5 Online is down

The last thing you can do if you can’t find a way to play GTA 5 Online is to check for any issues. Try searching Google or checking sites like Twitter to see if the official GTA 5 Online accounts or even other players are reporting widespread issues. If it turns out there’s a server outage, you’ll just have to wait until they fix the problem.

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