When exploring many hidden locations in Sons of the Forest, several will require an access card. The exact location of this map is difficult to find, and you need to find several items before you can add this map to your inventory. When you find it, it should give you access to various bunkers and locked doors throughout the island. This is what you need to know to find the maintenance map in Sons of the Forest. This is also known as the red card.

Where to find the red card in Sons of the Forest

Before you can go get the keycard, you’ll need the shovel, which requires you to find the recycler and the crank gun. The recycler will be inside the cave near the crash site when you first start the game. There will be several enemies and mutants in this part of the cave, so be careful with them. After fighting them, the breather will be near the end of the cave, near the pool of water with a shark in it. The Rope Gun is in another part of the island, near where you can find the 3D printer. He is also inside a cave full of enemies.

After collecting these two objects, you will have to approach the base of the snowy mountain, where you can find a GPS locator and another cave. Inside the cave will be a shovel, which requires both the Rope Gun and the Recycler to reach it. You will find the shovel at the bottom of the cave.

The place where you now need to go to use the shovel should not be too far away. It will be the green icon that you can see to the north on the way to the crash site. Upon arrival, there are several golf carts nearby and a field where you can use your shovel. Use your shovel on the ground until you reveal a door leading to an underground bunker.

Underground keycard bunker in Sons of the Forest

The bunker leads to a living room, and you need to find the keycard at the back of the room on the left side, above a desk next to a computer.


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